Transport Minister Anthony Browne Visits JOLT Charging Network

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Highlighting the Importance of Free, Fast, and Clean Energy Model

Transport Minister Anthony Browne visited a JOLT charging station, showcasing the Government’s commitment to accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles across the UK. The visit, also involving Grace Limburg, Head of Strategy and Policy, LEVI at Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV), displays JOLT’s innovative model, which offers free, fast, and clean energy to EV drivers, powering their daily driving needs while saving drivers £840 on charging per year and boosting local economies.

In 2023, more battery electric vehicles were sold than ever before, with 84% of EVs registered to owners with home charging access. There is a significant need for more public EV charging stations nationwide, ensuring that drivers without home charging facilities are not disadvantaged.

In fact, according to a recent survey, 58% of JOLT’s customers solely rely on public EV charging and this crucial infrastructure is needed to help resolve barriers to EV ownership and accelerate e-mobility in the UK as a sustainable transport option. 

Minister for Technology and Decarbonisation Anthony Browne said: “These chargepoints are all part of our plan to help speed up the installation of EV infrastructure, with dedicated Government funding for local councils.

“It’s fantastic that JOLT is offering such a low-cost option for on-street charging, meaning it’s easier than ever for drivers to switch to an EV.”

The government’s commitment to facilitating EV adoption was further underscored by the announcement of hundreds of millions in funding made available for local authorities, homeowners, and renters. The £381 million Local Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (LEVI) Fund aims to support the installation of thousands of charge points across England, providing easier access to charging infrastructure for drivers. The placement of JOLT charging stations has been shown to benefit local economies. While charging, 36% of JOLT customers shop at nearby retailers and 19% get food or drinks from nearby hospitality, according to a recent survey.

Minister Browne reiterated the Government’s plan to accelerate the installation of EV charge points, stating, “This dedicated funding to local councils is part of our plan to ensure people can switch from a petrol or diesel car to an EV when they choose to do so, companies like JOLT are only making it easier to drive this collaboration forward.”

JOLT UK Country Manager, John Rainford said: “JOLT is excited to be helping Londoners, especially drivers without off-street parking, transition to EVs, through our provision of free, fast, clean charging. We’re thrilled to see the positive response from drivers who have been quick to start utilising the new chargers and have provided positive feedback regarding the simple user experience.”

Since November, JOLT has been providing clean energy to local EV drivers to move freely, in partnership with London Borough of Barnet. On average, EV drivers are charging their EVs for longer than 45 minutes across the JOLT network, embedding charging into their daily routines and removing unnecessary vehicle movements. 

About JOLT

JOLT’s mission is to make electric transport more accessible to drivers through zero-cost and fast charging. JOLT offers UK EV drivers 7 kWh, or around 30 miles, of free, fast charging, with cost of charging offset though JOLT’s integrated digital out-of-home advertising network. After users have consumed 7 kWh for the calendar day, drivers will be charged a per kWh rate. Using innovative tech, enabled by partnerships with Governments, JOLT is creating a functional and sustainable charging network that runs off 100% renewable energy. JOLT is accelerating the shift to a zero emission future. 

JOLT has a track record of partnering with governments, local authorities, transportation authorities, businesses, private landowners, and other community stakeholders to build infrastructure that supports and incentivises clean transport. Born in Australia, JOLT started rolling out its first chargers in North London and currently operates in New Zealand, and the UK, with thousands of EV charging stations under contract globally. 
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