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Not at the moment. We want everyone to have access to our chargers so we are not taking bookings at this time.

Our fast chargers charge at a speed of 25-50kW DC.

Our chargers support all EV makes and models as our stations will have both CCS1 and NACS adapters. If you have a different plug, you will just need to bring your own adaptor.

When you are done charging, you should press the “stop” button in the charger cubby. If the connector is still locked after having pushed the button (or if you have stopped charging from within your vehicle), then the vehicle charge port lock is still engaged; this is often a feature designed to prevent others from unplugging your vehicle. This can usually be resolved by locking & unlocking the car doors with the car keys – once the car doors are unlocked again, then you should be able to remove the plug. 

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